What is?

This is a Remote Tea based java implementation of an NFS/MOUNT server with an Oracle backend.

This means that you can create mount points inside an Oracle database and mount it from any NFS compatible client (on any OS that has an NFS client). It is possible to mount the same mount point at the same time from more than one node. You can create soft and hard links, files, directories ... use it as a normal NFS v2 server.


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Use it

  1. Download http://downloads.sourceforge.net/oranfs/oranfs.tbz

  2. check createuser.sql for your env and lunch it:

    sqlplus / as sysdba @sql/createuser.sql

  1. Run the schema creation script:

    sqlplus oranfs/oranfs@<connstr> @sql/schema.sql

  1. Configure the database connection: open the entity-config/db.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<entity xmlns="http://eforceconfig.sourceforge.net/XML/entity-config" name="db">


<parameter name="user" value="oranfs" />

<parameter name="password" value="oranfs" />

<parameter name="port" value="1521" />

<parameter name="host" value="localhost" />

<parameter name="sid" value="xe" />

<parameter name="implicit-caching" value="true" />

<parameter name="explicit-caching" value="true" />

<parameter name="connection-properties" type="table">

<value name="defaultRowPrefetch" value="10" />




  1. Run the server: sh runnfs.sh

  2. Check portmapper registration:

    # rpcinfo -p localhost

    program vers proto port

    100000 2 tcp 111 portmapper

    100000 2 udp 111 portmapper

    100005 1 udp 52392 mountd

    100005 1 tcp 57854 mountd

    100003 2 udp 33309 nfs

    100003 2 tcp 40104 nfs

  3. Create a mountpoint:

    sqlplus oranfs/oranfs@<connstr>

    SQL> exec path_util.create_mountpoint('mymnt');

  4. Mount it:

    # mount -t nfs -onfsvers=2 <nfs server host>:/mymnt <a directory>


If you get any other problem please submit a support request:



oranfs is developed by Andrea A.A. Gariboldi

Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional

Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Certified Professional